USB 3.0 & USB3 Vision for Industrial Vision. The most important features of the USB 3.0 interface technology and its benefits for industrial applications.

Since it was introduced on the market some 20 years ago, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface has established itself as the most commonly used standard for serial data transfer between computers and peripheral devices. In the USB 3.0 version, the interface can also be used without restriction for industrial image processing.

 Efficient image processing systems. Discover new approaches to perform data-intensive image processing in real-time.

Today, the Industry 4.0 concept and the progressive decentralization of manufacturing processes demand increasingly intelligent image pre-processing right where the work is done. Where high-performance and cost-sensitive image inspection is concerned, there is always the question of how to strike an economic balance between the data-intensive image processing tasks to be performed by camera and the host PC.

 Optimize your application with image pre-processing. Read about the potentials that can be created for their applications through image pre-processing.

Ideal machine vision results are achieved when images can be clearly interpreted by either humans or computers. Only then can image processing be considered a success. The key success factor is the ability to highlight the useful information contained in the image. Image pre-processing plays a major role when it comes to making the relevant information usable for the user.

   Everything under control with Smart Vision.

The smart vision system, CORSIGHT, combines the features of a camera, a computer and an image processing system in a compact housing and is, as such, predestined for flexible use in the smallest of spaces. Read the white paper and learn more about how CORSIGHT can optimize production and logistics processes, monitor traffic flow, increase the safety of both machines and tunnels, and even control access to multi-storey car parks and toll roads.