Industrial companies must invest consistently in technologies and concepts which are viable in the long term and also combine economic and ecological considerations. The main prerequisites for this are efficient, closed-loop production processes that conserve resources and prevent waste.

From a PET bottle to a sweater

We contribute to suitable solutions with innovative camera technology and modern image processing systems which are characterized by their reliable functionality. As a supplier of system components for the implementation of futuristic and environmentally-friendly logistics management, we are a partner of WINCOR NIXDORF, responsible for the camera technology in the "Revendo 9000" reverse vending machines. A CCD camera scans the shape and label of bottles.

Even bottle crates that are identical in construction and color can be precisely identified by means of a stereo vision process, which creates an image of the crates and color logos.

In Germany, Wincor Nixdorf reverse vending machines are already saving more than 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year. In addition the bottles quite often embark on a "second career" as a high-quality fleece sweater after PET processing.