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"In 1996 NET's goal was to develop camera technology for the medical and industrial sectors. With our sound specialist knowledge and a host of creative ideas as well as close orientation to individual customer requirements, we have succeeded in continuously extending our business segment with innovative products which are geared to the future.

Our success confirms that we are on the right track, and at the same time it motivates us to work on our concepts and solutions with full commitment every day. Our aim is to develop technology with a human focus, making people's lives safer and more convenient."

Jean-Pierre Heinrichs, NET GmbH

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In keeping with our guiding principle, we simplify complicated technologies, making them easier to use and as a consequence enhance the quality of life.

We regard our strengths as the close understanding of the industrial and medical image processing field and our in-depth application knowledge which we have acquired over many years. Camera technology, CCD and CMOS technology, FPGA programming, hardware and software design are all core skills which we can naturally tap within the company.

We not only supply a huge range of lenses and light systems, but also provide the opportunity to recalculate lenses to suit customer specifications and have them built.



The needs of our customers and their long-term success are the benchmark for our work. For this reason our company not only applies high quality standards to our products, but we also live up to these standards on a wider scale in all our fields of activity, down to the smallest detail.

We are certified to:EN ISO 9001:2015EN ISO 14001:2015


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