3D Ready Converter - plug & play solution for 3D vision

NET´s 3D Ready Converter enables 2D devices for high definition 3D vision. It is the easiest plug-and-play solution to allow for viewing, recording and processing of stereo vision signals in best quality.

The universally applicable 3D Ready Converter handles 1080i video streams in order to boost the images of 2D devices. All it does is to allow for one side-by-side 3D video signal via Digital Visual Interface (DVI-D) to devices like the medical industry’s most affordable HD video recorder solution: MediCap USB-300.

The 3D Ready Converter was developed as a quick and compact solution with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. No cost-intensive converter is necessary anymore in order to process uncompressed digital video data in high definition from two HD-SDI interfaces.

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